Hey. I am not sure what to write here… Maybe I should introduce myself?

So, I live in NJ, USA but I am from Scotland. I proper grew up there, went to school, college, had my first girlfriend etc. I’ve always been interested in Maths and, about 5 years ago, I started reading more and then decided to do a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics. I now have that Masters (Go RIT Tigers!) and some spare time to try and start a website.

Sports analytics and investigating stupid facts and cliches is of interest to me so I will be doing a little of that but also looking at analyzing data that I think is interesting and sharing it. Hopefully people will look at it and comment.

In case anyone cared or wondered: the picture in the header is the amazing Claudio Caniggia playing for my beloved Dundee FC. You don’t need to be an expert in analytics to know that he was just the absolute best.